Are these Pumas cute ?

  1. My brother and his girlfriend were at the Puma outlet recently, and picked out a pair of shoes for me. What do you think of these? Are they age appropriate for me (27)?
  2. They are kinda cute, I like them!
  3. That was very sweet of your brother! They're not my personal style, but they're cute and look very comfy. I'd say they're fine for any age, really
  4. I like them! They look really cute and comfortable on
  5. I like them. They are cute!
  6. I think they are very cute, and comfy looking. I'd say they were age-appropriate for you as well.

    What a nice gift!
  7. they r cute! they look similar to the Chanel flats.. sisters! hehe :greengrin:
  8. They're really cute!
  9. I think they're really cute! I'm 25 (26 in a couple weeks) and I would wear them.
  10. Very cute!
  11. What a nice gesture! They are very nice!
  12. Nah, I don't like...