Are these practically fakes?

  1. So I was browsing around the net looking at bags and I stumbled on a site called which has a lot of "designer inspired" bags. And by designer inspired I mean practically identical looking in every way (I'm sure the quality isn't as good, but the style is identical.) Technically they don't claim that the bags are by a designer, they say "compare to" balenciaga, LV, etc.

    I don't know how I feel about this. Usually I'm OK with designer inspired but these are SO similar...
  2. Yes and no. I suppose the difference here is that baghaus is not selling bags made to look identical to designer bags, down to every last nitty, gritty detail, and more importantly, they are not reselling them as such. IMO, there is a big and fundamental difference between blatantly copying a bags details to a T and attempting to sell it as an authentic item of a brand...(like the Botkier Bianca that baghaus has similar styles of) as opposed to making bags that just look very similar to the designer brands, KWIM?
  3. i looked at the site and the prices are under $50... i can't imagine that the bags really look like the real thing in person even if they did copy almost everything.
    what i find odd is that there are soo many sites that sell these "designer inspired" bags that are just poor come no one gets in trouble?
  4. They pass in my mind as "fakes".
  5. They're technically NOT fakes because they don't claim to be the real thing and they don't actually say the company name on the bag.
  6. Wow. I guess technically they cannot be considered fakes although they are treading a very fine line. But considering the price difference, I would agree the quality isn't even comparable to see them IRL.
  7. There is a difference between fake and imitation just like in diamonds. A Moissanite for example is a simulation of a diamond, but not itself a fake because it's not claiming to have diamond properties or looks like it exactly. But if it sold as a "Diamond" on eBay for example *cough* then it is a fake because it's claiming to be something it's not.

    Another example would be a celebrity impersonator. Everyone knows that Elvis at a Vegas bar is not really Elvis, but he's not a fake impersonator.

    haha i can go on about this...

    But seriously, I disdain these imitation bags. They cheapens the ingenuity of authentic bags in the long run when everyone is carrying it around ie. LV, Balenciaga.

    I showed my sister the new GGH Balenciaga Part Time and she said, "Doesn't everyone have that bag?" :crybaby:
  8. It doesn't bother me as long as it does not have the name of the designer on it and they are up front about these items being inspired by the original. I don't like seeing cheap copies of handbags and then you see a fake tag with the designers name.
  9. It bothers me. It's all a bunch of crap if it's not an authentic, quality product.
  10. Actually, that site was pretty funny. I was at first a tad insulted that they had $50 versions of a couple of my bags, but on closer look, they even look bad in the photos. Imagine how the 'waxed leatherette' must feel in person.

    They are not pretending by any means to be real, and that is humorously evident by the bad photography and backgrounds. In one, a model trying to look urban chic is clearly standing in a concrete stairwell, and my guess is that it was a parking garage. Yeah, that's the designer look I want!
  11. This reminds me of that designer -- his name slips my mind -- who makes copies of Academy Award dresses and other famous dresses (like that great yellow dress Kate Hudson wore in 'How to Lose a Man in (however many) Days.' He is very open about the fact that they are affordable copies, so that seems OK.
  12. I wouldn't buy any of it, but if someone likes a style of a bag and doesn't want to pay the high pricetag that quality and big names bring, then I say go for it. My problem is when you pretend it's the real thing, charge high prices and it's crap quality. That's dishonest!
  13. I agree. They are not for me since luckily I am able to purchase the real thing, but not everyone can afford to, and buying "designer inspired" is much better than buying a bag claiming to be the real thing when it's not IMO.

  14. Thanks for the replies everyone. The thing is there is no way I could afford to pay $1000+ on a Chloe paddington, but I really like the style of them. I also am 100% against fakes and would never carry one. I know these bags are, shall we say "fashion bags" where the quality is not even one iota of the real thing, but style is very similar. I guess I just am trying to clarify the difference between what is an acceptable immitation versus what's fake. If I bought one of these I wouldn't want to feel tacky because I thought I was carrying a fake. Nor do I want to "cheapen" the real thing for those who can afford it as some have put.
  15. These are too close to the real thing for me. I don't mind if they are "inspired" by a designer and have similar elements, but not try to look exactly the same.