Are these patent leather handles not actually patent leather?

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  1. I'm pretty disappointed in this bag you guys. I bought it secondhand and honestly believed it to be authentic, and I still do. The edge coating was peeling but I thought no biggie, I can fix that. Then i noticed the patent was flaking off and beneath it is just a coated cloth. This is the worst quality I've ever seen. Hangtags came with it but I took them off for edge coating. Maybe not happening now. Am I wrong about its authenticity? Or was this bag just made with zero quality control? Look at these straps :sad: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460158913.214054.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460158942.158703.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460158976.568275.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460159006.385783.jpg
  2. Around the time this was made, Coach started making patent fabric items. It is probably made out of that, especially since it is MFF. You can usually tell the difference between it and patent leather, as it is softer.

    To be fair, I've seen threads come out of leather straps before. I'm assuming that sometimes they might reinforce them with fabric between leather.
  3. I can back that up with an example. I have a vintage Coach Station bag, 1994, authenticated here by either Hyacinth or DemRam, which does indeed have fabric as an extra "liner" on the inside of the leather loops that hold the metal loops. That is, the metal loops that the shoulder strap then attaches to. You can tell that the fabric is there for extra strength for the shoulder strap attachments.

    (And backup also for the patent fabric statement .... in the boutique items it was called "liquid gloss". I remember it well, because I bought a bag in it for a friend of the family who had fallen in love with it. The creed surprised me at the time, because it didn't mention leather, but she wanted it anyway and it's held up well. I've never seen "inside" the patent or straps though.)

  4. No, because I'm usually pretty good at it and this one seemed legit :-/ I'm thinking I got one from the patent coated canvas era (didn't know there was one!) because where the top layer has peeled back theres only fabric beneath. Oh well. I will check the handles closer next time lol
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