Are these outlet stores in IN and IL still there?

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  1. My sweet DH searched all over the country to find the exact car I wanted for my birthday. He found it 1700 miles away so I'm flying there in a couple weeks and driving it back. (I have 4 daughters under 12 so I welcome the long QUIET drive without fighting--ahhhh paradise)
    Anyway being the addict I am, I did some research to see if I could hit some outlets on the way since we don't have any stores where I live.
    I'm kind of proud of myself that I found three that I can hit and only add 80 miles to my trip.
    I thought I had better check with all of you to see if these outlets are worth going to or not before I go on my adventure.

    1)Edinburgh Premium Outlets, Edinburgh IN

    2)Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets, Michigan City IN

    3)Chicago Premium Outlets, Aurora IN

    Thanks in advance for any info......
  2. Michigan City is still good- that's my mom's outlet :tup:
  3. good luck!! just curious what kind of car is it that your going 1700 miles for? lol
  4. Wow Congrats. And 1700 miles of peaceful drive is indeed good. Best of luck. And do check out those Outlets on the way, you ought to treat yourself somehow after working so hard to get the car.

    I wish I knew more about those Outlets though, but I don't live anywhere near there. Best of luck!
  5. I'm sure you meant Aurora, IL. This is about an hour west of Chicago. They get the most stuff of the outlets in the area, but they also have the most customer traffic, so the selection can be picked over sometimes. But if you happen to be there right after they put a shipment on the floor, you can maybe find some of the less common bags.

    Michigan City is ok, but it doesn't get as much of the better stock, imho. It's a little out of the way, too, as the mall is not right off the highway so you have to drive into the town to get to it. But if you're already braving Chicago expressway traffic, that's probably not a big deal.
  6. It's a Buick Enclave completely loaded. I know...we could have ordered one but we refuse to buy a new vehicle because of the depreciation as soon as you drive it off the lot.
    I'm not into flashy, status cars. I'm into luxury and the two don't always go together. I want it to be the safest for my kids and do everything for me. Sitting in this crossover is like sitting in an easy chair. I'M SO EXCITED!:party:
    I'm turning 40 so I can have what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wlae:(Hey, it's the only time I get to be a spoiled brat....I'm taking advantage until reality sets in again)
  7. I looked at one of those when i bought my yukon..nice but im only 22 and im sorry but not getting a buick lol. tried the acadia, but the yukon ended up being cheaper so i went with that =) have fun on your drive home though!!
  8. My sister, who is 34, has a brand new Yukon. It's beautiful! But she just had a baby and is sick of how hard it is to get him out. She's actually considering a minivan!!!!!!!:wtf:
    I spent 5 years with one, only because I had to with 4 young kids. Trust me, I'm doing everything possible to get her to keep her Yukon, including telling her she will get a work out on her arms since she's a fittness queen. Heck, I'd tell her it would keep her from getting wrinkles to keep her from the dreaded MINIVAN!
  9. she doesnt like it?? i got mine brand new and LOVE it!!! i have a niece that 6 months old and another one thats 4 and no problems getting either of them in or out. Tell her to keep it!!!! its one tough truck, and apparently they last forever...
  10. I don't live in Indiana any more (moved a year and a half ago) but the Edinburgh outlet is still there as far as I know. I'll see if I can find out definitely for you. I'm from a town about an hour from there.
  11. The only thing I can tell you about Aurora is that I was there long ago before I had Coach "tunnel vision" and the store is quite large (as compared to mine.)
    That outlet mall has EVERYTHING....MK, Dooney,Juicy Couture, Kate Spade... you name it they've GOT IT!!!! I'm jealous, I want to get back there soooo bad!!!!
  12. I went to the Aurora location over the holidays and they were very busy and things were very picked over. We went the day after Christmas so things should be a lot better now. The size of this store is actually small compared to the one that I am used to in Allen, TX.
  13. The Aurora outlet also has the WORST parking of any mall I've ever been to.

    But on the plus side, they also have a Lindt Chocolatier outlet store - it almost makes up for the parking hassles. :drool:

    BTW, most of the outlets are off interstates (usually toll roads - bring lots of cash) that are undergoing MAJOR construction, so you may want to check the state or Triple-A websites before you leave.
  14. ^^^ I would like to add make sure that you have LOTS of loose coins for paying the tolls.
    Some of the toll plazas/exits only take exact change and there are no toll booth attendants on duty at certain exits so without the exact change you are totally screwed!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Nobody warns you about this either, no signs on the highway, nothing!)

    I 'ran' through some toll plazas last summer in the West 'burbs when I was on vacation and drove out west to visit some freinds......
    Its not like I can pull change out of thin air when all I had on me were dollar bills!
    But I did not get any tickets forwarded to me (on my rental car) that I was driving when I went through them without paying.

    Bottom line, the Illinois tollway system setup sucks a** bigtime!