Are these Novaks the same?

  1. The shapes are different. The bag on the LVR site is from F/W 06, and the bag on the NAP site is S/S 06. Either the LVR F/W 06 Novak is a variation on the traditional Novak from S/S 06, or McQueen has tweaked the design of the Novak for the upcoming season.
  2. wow the wine novak is gorgeous!!!!! i'm dying here. lol. i have it in black and bought from LVR. i love mine.
  3. Wow -- very classy. A little boxier than I prefer, but I'm so happy to see they haven't totally ditched plain leather afterall. I wonder what "dune" is, maybe a darker version of "sand?" that might be nice.
  4. thanks for the replies.
    I thought it looked a little different.Didn't realize that the tweak it every season. I really liked the standard novak in the red but not so impressed with the cut in corners at the bottom.