Are these not the cutest little wallets/card cases ever?

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  1. 8EEA361E-2C33-4204-9CFA-9E8C1C1DFE6D.jpeg Couldn’t decide which one to keep so I am keeping both. Even has room in the zipped compartment to put my key fob. The leather is sturdier than I thought it might be
  2. Congrats! Both are so cute. How many cards does it hold?
  3. Good idea to keep both, they’re gorgeous and classic.
  4. There are 6 slots and a zipped coin compartment and a bill slot. It is a chubby little wallet.
  5. I want the butterfly one! so cute!
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  6. Omg I love the butterfly one! I may need to get one. Congrats and enjoy them both.
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  7. :tup:
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  8. I love both of them! Enjoy using them.
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