Are these new?

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  1. Has anyone seen these before? They were on the drilldown but it doesn't say if they are new or not. Just wondering.
    Coach Drilldown pics.jpg Coach Drilldown pics9.jpg Coach Drilldown pics11.jpg Coach Drilldown pics5.jpg
  2. the pleated hobo (blue one) looks like spring 2007. Not sure about the others
  3. The first one is from a few years ago. Comes up on eBay now and then - usually soiled.
  4. I SO wanted the first one but didn't manage to get it. LOVE it though!
  5. I've seen the last one, not the others though.
  6. I have that last one in black. It was from winter 2005. The blue was spring 2006.
  7. Are the 2 in the middle Chelsea's?
  8. Love the second one over...isn't the third one suede?
  9. No, not new. You can tell by the item number when you play with the drilldown. Most new bags now are in the 11000 or higher. Accessories are 40800 and higher pretty much. And charms/keyfobs are 92000 and higher. Item numbers lower than that are generally older.
  10. When I try to use the Coach drilldown I get the message: "You are getting this message because you have accessed a page that has been recently update".

    For example: