Are these new?

  1. I love the idea of the 48" strap -

    and since I can't swing $698 I'm getting the ink wristlet!
    coache.JPG inkwristlet.jpg
  2. I love that wristlet!
  3. That is the Bleeker Flap bag for $348 No. 11418. and it is not new - but I like it too
    as you can wear it crossbody. Just a heads up the Ergo is coming in a new Cross
    body bag which will be available to order November 8th and it is style number 10746.
    This particular style is coming in tobacco which is the same color as the tobacco in the
    Ergo Belted Hobo. I know that you like Cross Bodies and this is a nice one for the fall.
    It may also be made in turquoise and rust - I got this information from Coach.

  4. thanks Liz, I actually just got back from Coach - the strap isn't near long enough for me. Oh well.