Are these new for 07????

  1. Anyone know if these are new for 07? I saw them on eBay today, and might have to Call Chanel in the morning!!!! :yes:

  2. Havent seen those yet. They are beautiful! I want them too!
  3. omg, those are darling!!! nice find Dawn!
  4. yup, they are new for spring, part of Act 1, the CC Lock collection.
  5. Ooh so cute! Wonder what retail is on this? And if there are other colors besides Pink?
  6. I went to Chanel today........they also come in black.
  7. ^ :nuts: black would be darling!!!!!

    i wonder if it's safe to assume that these are the special release for vday '07 :graucho: that means bags must be coming soon!!!
  8. Sooo cute! :yes:
  9. very cute! Im calling my chanel to find out.
  10. Those are adorable.
  11. those are cute!
  12. so cute!! i wanted these but my ears are too sensitive (i have a pair of cc's sitting, collecting dust)

    i've signed up for the necklace though! i wonder if it is in stores...hmm!