Are these new bags??

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  1. Are these new bags on the HH website, or have I really not been paying attention?

    Garde Chain Bag
    Welles Drawstring Pouch
    Welles Large Hobotote
    Bowman Shoulder Bag
  2. Good eye... They're all new... just got posted yesterday! All a part of the spring line :smile: We got to preview some of these in their last sample sale, I think in late November, and in photos from their Spring fashion show.
  3. Yup, they're the SS10 line (saw an HH tweet about it last night).
  4. Good to know I'm not totally oblivious..... I have to say that none of those new styles really appeals to me. I guess that's good for my bank account, but kind of disappointing. What I really want though is a Biblio! :love:
  5. mule, i'm with you. none of the new styles totally grab my attention either. lots of people are anticipating their biblios and with good reason.
  6. i am interested in seeing their wallets and other small goodies...
    does anyone know what wallets they are bringing back this season or if there will be new ones? I love HH's wallets!!
  7. Has anyone noticed what appears to be a bright green Biblio in the window in the pic of the shop that pops up when you first go to the updated HH website?
  8. yes, yes I have :graucho:
  9. There's clearly one in existence. Where the heck are the rest of the spring bags!!!!?????
  10. These are spring bags, but where are the spring colours? Whither the poppy and butter and lilac and plum and thorn and python? Black, grey and brown are hardly inspiring. :s
  11. That window pic shows buuter, a coral color (poppy?), a green color....I don't remember if I saw lilac. I don't feel like checking right now!
  12. Will these be put into production, however? I have the impression that these are Kapow samples.
  13. I know. I was wondering about the large garde and the demi bowman that have yet to make an appearance. I hope they are still doing poppy but it was the last color in thedemi bowman and the last garde chain bag left online.
  14. HH twittered that their entire SS collection is now online. I see a few butter and poppy bags added.
  15. Wow they did cut a lot of the poppy / butter. I may not need to get anything since I already have a bag in black / dusk.