Are these moni moni bags fakes?

  1. Just a quick question as im not familar with moni moni bags! but i have got my eye on the splendor bag...not sure what colour yet..either chocolate, plum or the creamy one!

    I have been looking at ebays at some of the moni moni bags and was wondering are they fake?? Cause the price seems a lot cheaper than the ones ive seen at the moni moni website!

    here are some of the links,

    Thanks guys! ;)
  2. Looks authentic to me, just checked the pics out against my caramel splendor.

    Also, Lninos has got a very good rep on eBay, many of the tPF'ers will attest to that.
  3. Aww thanks! just been browsing on eBay and found the moni moni in plum and its gorgeus!! Just want to make sure its real before i definately decide in buying it!

    thanks i will compare the bag with yours and see!

    Ps. your bag is gorgeus! so smooshy the leather i like!!
  4. real for SURE
  5. lninos is one of the best sellers on eBay. No fakes there for sure! :tup: