Are these Mia's?

  1. I purchased two items that are similar to a wallet I sold recently. I think they are Mia's, but don't want to say it if they aren't. Can anyone tell me if these are Mia's? Thanks.


  2. i'm 99.9% sure the only mia is a satchel:

    ...what do the tags say?
  3. that 1st one my best friend has. I don't know if its a mia. She has had it for awhile. The second one (blue) has the same detailing as the mia's that were out in July. I never saw that style though.

    Kallison, isn't that a soho braided satchel? I am new at this so correct me if I am wrong. I just figured it was cause its the braided like my hobo.
  4. Neither tag says "Mia", but neither did the wallet I sold, that's why I was unsure. Wallet had the exact same stud/lace design as the blue purse.

  5. Thanks for the input.

    I also thought that was a braided satchel, that the Mia's specifically have the brads and lacing.
  6. i originally thought that, too. but my tag said mia and my sa looked it up as a mia, too.
  7. figured it out- it's a soho we were all half right.

    i remember there were a few different types of mias- some with detailing and some not.
  8. Upswife neither are Mia's. Kallison's satchel is a braided leather Mia.

    D063-10064 is Mia studded and laced satchel, there were also 10063 Soho laced leather hobo's

    The blue bag is probably a laced leather messenger bag maybe a "soho".

    Your tag should have an abbreviation of the line it's from ie., hamptons, soho, legacy. I'm not sure what hobo the brown bag is.

    Call Coach 800 number and ask if they can verify the serial number.
  9. Thanks for your help. I found out the second bag is a Vintage Soho Small Hobo in Bordeaux and was a Limited Edition and only made in 3 styles. The blue bag is a Soho Lace Leather Hippie Flap. I still wonder if it's a Mia just because of the design on it. I searched for Coach Mia on eBay and the lace/stud design is identical. I called the 800 number and they couldn't tell me if it was a Mia or not, the only info they had was the same name that was on the tag. But because i know the Mia wallet doesn't say "Mia" on the tag, I thought it was also possible here.