are these MAB or MAM colors still available for purchase online?

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  1. i def. want the bigger size and not the mini, but if these colors are available only in the mini, i will go with the mini :yes: i dont own any RM bags and do not want to pay full price for it.

    i just want to say, RM comes in so many gorgeous colors!! how in the world am i suppose to decide? right now im leaning towards dark gray, glazed almond, wine, and iris/purple and my guess is that all the colors but the purple are old and sold out. is this the case? pls help, thank you!
  2. I think LB has the iris/purple lizard but ebay is probably your best bet for all of the other colors. Good luck!
  3. Hi kattie! Iris/purple lizard is a current color from the Fall collection, so you'll probably not have trouble tracking that one down. I'd say more and more retailers will be popping up with them in the near future.

    As for the other colors you mentioned, as shaurin said, you're best bet is probably gonna be ebay. Dark grey, wine, and glazed almond are all from several seasons ago and no retailer that I've checked out still has any of these.
  4. hi everyone!! :smile: always iffy about spending $$ on ebay, esp. on designer handbags. if i really want one in the older color and decide to go with ebay, ill ask the authenticate board before making my purchase. thanks for the help!!
  5. Yeah, that's understandable. If in doubt, like you said, you can always have it authenticated here, but RM fakes aren't very common(not like the bigger labels anyway). If you do use ebay, at least you can use Paypal, which offers buyer protection or your CC, which offers another level of protection.

    Good luck with your hunt and if I happen to come across anything, I'll let you know.
  6. thanks!

    yea i doubt ppl will make fake RMs. what im worried about is that the bag might not be in mint condition even when indicated new on ebay. i can only know what the seller decides to reveal. ive never done returns on ebay, but dealing with the seller and doing return would be a pain in the butt (ive read too many horror stories on the boards :tdown:)

    if i cant find a MA in a color of my choice, ill go with a matinee but ive been wanting a MA for over a yr now !
  7. Actually, the bag has been sold out in many placed. I called Luna Boston, Funckylala, and several other places. They either dont have any or sold out.. I called RM, and was told the MAB in Iris/purple lizard has been sold out.. only the MAM is available (still takes few days to ship).. I really want a MAB since I already have a concord MAM... someone please help me to find one!!! Thanks!