Are these J brand Houlihans?

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  1. yes. in vintage taupe. westpoint is dark color
  2. thanks...I already have the vintage olive & stealth grey, but these look like a nice neutral shade for the fall :smile:
  3. .....turns out these are actually "vintage westpoint" (lighter than regular westpoint, but way darker than the vintage taupe).

    Love them! I also picked up the regular sahara which is a great camel color....I have too many houlihans now (luckily I was able to get them all at a discount)
  4. I'm so mad at myself, I was at a store on Sunday and they were 20% off and I didn't buy them cuz I've bought alot lately. Now I really really want them and I'm so mad at myself! I know I'm going back and buying them at full price. I hate when I do that!!