Are these items still being sold?

  1. I've been looking on the french and uk lv sites because eluxury seems to always be lacking. Wondering if i can still find these items and if they're here to stay, or seasonal, or whatnot.

    LVheartpursemulticolore.JPG LVphonestrap.JPG LVvernisheartpurse.JPG
  2. I think they can still be found in stores... perhaps try calling 866 or your local LV boutique to see if they can track one down for you? ;)
  3. I think those were just limited edition. They're really hard to find. I think there was a rumour that they'll be releasing the heart coin purse in the fall in some other colors. If you want a MC coin purse, there was one on let trade. I got mine through them.
  4. thank you. what is let trade?
  5. Yeah you MIGHT find the phone strap but the heart coin purses were very LE have been sold out since February/early March. This is Let-Trade's site:

    and the white MC coin purse is up there, item #LMCAZT
  6. The Heart Coin purses were super limited edition, and pretty hard to get even at that since many stores (around here at least) did not receive that many, so even people near the top of waiting lists did not receive!
  7. i think we still can get those MC heart coin purse here in beijing. let me know if you need help getting one. (PM me) :smile:
  8. the UK LV site is not reliable. they leave old things on for a while and it takes ages before new things show up. like the others said you should probably call LV and see if you can find 1 and get it shipped. although i dont think thode items were as popular here as in the US. some stores in the UK still have the heart purses.
  9. I was told the heart purses were a Valentine's Day special, so maybe next year they will be doing them again? (I hope!)
  10. :yes:
  11. I've heard talk that there might be an Amarante one out for fall but it's not certain.
  12. they are very very hard to find now :tdown: they were very very limited when the hear coin purses came out.. my local store only recieved 4/5 of those !!
  13. thank you everyone, especially lvbabydoll. I just did a search for let trade and you saved me time looking through all those threads which don't tell me what it is. LOL

    andr114- thank you so much. i hope you don't mind if i wait a bit, the charms on the vernis heart get to me so much i think i'll wait to see if a new vernis comes out this fall. ::praying::
  14. i still can see MC heart white coin purse here ..
  15. My Store Has The Framboise One In Stock!