are these in the outlets?

  1. tia
    coach charm.jpg
  2. Think so .. there are lots of stuff w/that flower on it on white background on eBay..
  3. Oh, I love those scribble flowers. I have the pink, blue and green ones and I would love to go get the one I gave away to my Mom-orange! :smile:
  4. I saw them there a couple months ago (like March-ish)...wish I would have gotten one because the next time I went back they were gone! :cursing:
  5. They were in the outlets late last year for sure, because that's when I got my red and pink ones. I never saw the blue though, and that's the one I really want. I've been to the outlets a couple times so far this year and haven't seen them.
  6. I'll do a check today...any old excuse to go, right:graucho:
  7. Didn't see them yesterday.
  8. Not sure about the Keyfobs, but I've seen the bags. Good luck finding one. I'll let you know if I see any.
  9. ^^ Same here...saw tons of the bags at Orlando outlet...but no fob
  10. That exact one was at the Hagerstown MD outlet this past weekend.