Are these Hermes bags?

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  1. I see a giant H. Sorry for being impatient. I already have a thread in the celebrity section but maybe hes not so popular in North America.

  2. #2 Jan 30, 2010
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    Its so difficult to tell :wondering the black bag to the left at the back looks as if it maybe
    The trunks to me with H on look , as if they may have been another brand but H ' d up! by the set crew.??

    I watched the video it made me smile ,its lovely to remember how it was to be young! and mad about a pop star!.:smile:

    (I really liked his " Johnny Dep shoes".:drool:)

    I am sure others will chip in, but your a sweety to post.
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    They don't look like Hermes to me, although it is difficult to tell as the images are a little blurry.

    the H on the front of the trunk doesn't seem to fit with any of the Hermes logos I've seen, although again the slight blur makes it a tough one.

    As ardneish said, the black one could be... kinda reminds me of a plume document bag.
  4. I'm pretty sure they are Goyard? and Goyard will put your initals on them so maybe that's what the H is referring to?

  5. I agree I thought they looked very Goyard but not being an expert on that brand
    I also thought the black looked very Plume as Justin said

    Cute video though:smile:

    I would buy the shoes in a flash if I were male
  6. oh wow. Thanks! Now I have to research this Goyard brand.
  7. and the shoes??;)
  8. they all look Goyard to me with those stripes.
  9. looks to me all the shapes are Louis Vuitton bags and trunks
  10. hmmm I'm starting to think they might be LV. When I zoom in it kind of looks like Damier.
  11. Can you write to the production company??
  12. The web-stripes still look like Gucci Bostons to me

    Interesting Asian dance-hall LOL :jammin:
  13. totally cool! but I really liked the Johnny dep shoes the best:amuse::smile:
  14. They don't look like Hermes to me.
  15. You have JP's shoes I'll just take JP himself :graucho: well, - after **CHANEL** has finished with him LOL :lol: