Are these great buys for sunglasses?

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  1. I don't buy designer sunglasses as I'm hard on them and tend to lose them.

    But, I saw at TJMaxx the other day, a pair of redish/pink Coach with a blingy butterfly on the side, two brown with the buckles on the side and one black with the silver logo, and a pair of pink Juicy with a little charm thing on the side...all for 50 a piece.

    Are these great buys? Or, can you get sunnies like this for good bargains often?

    TIA, Mshel
  2. I would have tried them on and grabbed the ones that looked great on. 50 bucks for sunnies is a great deal!
  3. I got two pairs of MBMJ sunnies at TJ MAXX yesterday for $29.99 each!
  4. ^^^Is that marc jacobs? If so, yes, they had those too. I didn't know if sunnies went cheap often though, or if this was a great find?
  5. tj maxx generally has a good selection of sunglasses all of the time, so these deals are good, but they are not "once in a life time" finds.
  6. It really bugs me to buy sunglasses without their case so when that happens I usually give it a skip. But if you don't mind then I'm sure you can find great deals!
  7. I think $50 is a good price for Fendi! The Marc Jacobs ones weren't even on clearance!

    I got this pair, in brown and black:
    [​IMG]Pic borrowed from eBay..
  8. Also, if you don't find what you're looking for at TJ's, the Rack always has great designer sunglasses for $50-70ish. They also tend to have a wider selection than TJ.
  9. What's the "Rack"? I'm guessing I don't have one near me.
  10. I'm guessing Nordstrom Rack? I don't have one, either... we barely got our first Nordstroms last year!
  11. Yes, sorry!!! The rack is Nordstrom Rack. I guess we're spoiled and lazy out here. There are enough racks in Cali that we don't even have the time and energy to say "Nordstrom rack". Haha.
  12. I get all my sunglasses at Neiman Marcus Last Call. There is NOTHING wrong with them, all come with cases, and you can get basically anything for $100 and under.
  13. if you get to a tjmaxx runway the day they have a shippment it can be really great, but it depends on the week, the store, and what you're looking for!