Are these crossbody bags too similar?

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  1. Hi everyone-going a little crazy trying to decide if the jeune fille and the pouchette metis look too much alike to own both-thoughts? Thanks in advance for your input! :smile:

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  2. No, I dont think so. :smile:
  3. I think the jeune fille is more 'boho' while the pochette is more structured..
  4. The pochette is more fancy. :smile:
  5. i agree with above posters. the pm is more sophisticated, while the jeune fille is great for casual wear. i have more than one crossbody and use them all. love them.
  6. +1
  7. They are not too similar IMO. However, if you think you'll be using in them in the same way for the same purpose, there may not be a reason to have both. But that's WAAAAYYYY to practical for this website, so just go for it!
  8. No, they are not! I just got the pochette metis and I love it! I recommend getting it!
  9. I would use the JF as your beat around bag - very casual wear, and use the other as more of an every day bag - work, etc.
  10. Thanks for all of the helpful input!

    I guess that's the real question since I dress casually the majority (99% lol) of the time. Are they different enough as casual/everyday bags?
  11. I think the Metis could be for casual or dressy. And I think it would be a great everyday bag.
  12. They don't look similar at all to me, also nothing wrong with having more than one mono cross body bag - I have several.

    GL deciding
  13. Totally agree!
  14. No they look totally different to me. Go for it.
  15. No...