Are these CL Decolzep?

  1. See the picture?
  2. No those are not the decolzep. The decolzep does not have a covered platform. I forget the name of these ones.
  3. I agree with HubbaWubba -- those are not the decolzep. Those are the Rolando.:heart:
  4. Ok, thanks!

    Just need to find some now!
  5. ohhh i was lusting after these today in the plum shade. Saks have them. :heart:;)
  6. Those are the Rolandos. Anything with "zep" or "zeppa" is an uncovered platform, such as Iowa Zeppa, Yoyo Zeppa, decolzep, etc.
  7. They sure do, and about the only people that do. Just a pity they won't deliver to me :sad:

    Even the CL shop in London is not stocking them :tdown:
  8. Not a problem, got my old boss to order a pair online!
  9. As already mentioned, has them in plum and black suede. I also saw them on in black and olive satin.