Are these Chanel pumps the perfect bday present or...


Feb 23, 2006
Chanel shoes are the best but you need to preemptively take care of them. I take my brand new pair of Chanel shoes to the cobbler (ask the Chanel store who they recommend) and have vibram rubber soles put on them first before wearing. This will extend the life of the shoes for a really long time. When they seem to wear down, take them back to the cobbler for a sole and heel change. They will clean the leather too. I've been able to make my shoes last for over 2 years doing this method. You can do the same for your CL and any expensive pair of shoes. $35 up front will extend the life of your shoes for a long time, and a refresh of $100 is cheaper than buying a brand new pair. So find yourself a great local cobbler.
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