Are these boots too pointy and elf-like?

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  1. I've been dying for a pair of mid calf leather boots in the color cognac. I found these "Phoebe" by Eric Michaels (Love his OTK Vogue boots) but I'm wondering if they seem too pointy. I don't want to look like an elf. The price is right, I like the edgy lacings and EM leather quality is usually great. They're being shipped to me already but just curious on others opinion.
  2. i dont think they're too pointy, especially for the style of the boot, which is low heeled and the design is reminiscent of cowboy boots stitching in the front. best is for you to try them on with what you'll be wearing. normally pointier toed shoes elongates your silhouette. and, it's got great reviews.
  3. i personally like they're a bit pointy for my tastes
  4. those are so chic! If I wasn't short, I would order them!
  5. I think it depends on your shoe size......if you're about a 7, they'll be cute pirate boots......if you're closer to a 10......they might look like skis :shucks:
  6. Ooo, I don't like these. :nogood: The pointy toes paired with the lace-up sides is overkill. I don't like pointed toes on any shoes though, I think they're unflattering and I prefer to keep my feet looking as small as possible.
  7. I'm a size 7 so they shouldn't look too long. I typically dislike pointy toed shoes/boots-find them very uncomfortable so I was surprised at the rave reviews. The deal was just sweetened by a $25 discount.......but if they're not completely comfy, they're going back.
  8. the laces are too much to me.
  9. i think the laces are going to make or break the deal. definitely try them on and see how they look with an outfit you like
  10. there not pointy or elf like but i personally dont like them but if you love them and know that your going to be wearing them.... buy them as long as you like them who cares