Are these bags too similiar?

  1. Ok - so I own this bag in this color...purchased it in late January I think from the outlet...


    And I just bought this off eBay last night for $135 total with shipping:

    Do you think they are too similar? Granted the sizes are totally different..but is it odd having two bags in khaki/ebony?

    Might be a smidge of buyers remorse this morning...but this bag will be perfect for when I go to the Casino, right? (and it holds more than my striped Zoe...)

    (You know the great thing about the bag I got off eBay last night? It has the hang tag/metal do-hickie thingie...that didn't come on my shoulder bag...and I was never able to get the correct hangtag from YAY...finally, a matching hangtag!)
  2. yes, they do look similar. And they are really nice. The eBay one is a very good deal. You must love the pattern.
  3. I love them both!!! Great Ebay deal!

  4. I love them both! Keep 'em! They are totally different!:smile:
  5. for $135 i refuse to allow you buyers remorse!! :smile: love them they look great!
  6. What an awesome deal, keep it!!
  7. I think if you are happy with the first one as far as the sig/ebony, then you will be likely to get a lot of use out of the second one too. The styles are different enough and that was too good a deal to pass!
  8. such a good deal. I'm w/ everybody else, keep it.
  9. Yea!! :yahoo: You got a great deal on something that you love the style of (since you keep going for it)... so I would say its definately a keeper...

    I would love to have a pond colored one in the smaller size ( if they made it!!) for shorter day trips or times when I don't need all of the space in the shoulder bag ( like going to a casino ;) )... So now I'm looking into browns of the smaller one... Great choice & WHAT a deal!!! :smile:
  10. ding ding ding! That's what I was thinking too!

    Thanks ladies! I just didn't want it to seem odd that I have the same color combo but in different style bags.

    (of course - doesn't someone here have the shoulder bag in like 4 different colors? siggy, leather, suede? heheh)

    AND - to be quite honest - I don't have a bag this small (well a pouch, but that was a pointless purchase)...I never liked the demi's because they seemed too "teenage" to me...this one looks grown up.

    ok - can't wait to get this bag! I hope my legacy stripe wristlet fits in it! eek!
  11. love them both! definitely keep them! especially for the price!!
  12. my eyes was all over that bag, I love it!!! It is a KEEPER!
  13. congrats!! :yahoo: yeah, it is the adult version of a demi!! it holds the same amount, it will be great when you need something smaller than your shoulder bag.

    I have the same bag in 4 different colors (not coach though) so I am all about doubling up.
  14. SMART purchase! i say so because if you love the color combo then you will be able to use it when you need a big bag or a smaller one!! congrats
  15. Great purchase. They are different styles in the same signature pattern. If you love it I say go for it. What a great buy!!! Enjoy carrying that bag!