are these bags too similar?

  1. Do you think the Damier Ribera MM is too similar too the Damier Speedy 30?? I already have the Speedy.
  2. not at all, they are two different shapes, I like the Ribera better :smile:
  3. the ribera has a sturdier shape and the ottom wont sag while the speedy will.. i have a speedy 25 and ribera mm n i love them both!
  4. and I believe the ribera unzips to the base of the bag ...
  5. I love them both!!!! I say get both!!!
  6. No, they're very different bags.
  7. Get the Ribera, it's so much different then the Speedy!
  8. No they are different bags.
  9. No... both bags are different like others have stated. I like the look of the Ribera more.
  10. Definitely not! Isn't the Ribera a bit smaller?
  11. Not at all. two different bags :smile:
  12. The two have their similarities. I prefer the Ribera as it is structured and easier to get in and out of.
  13. The structure of the bag is definitely different - they're the same material but they don't look that alike at all !
  14. I don't think they are anything alike!
  15. i was thinking about it and than i saw this thread :smile:. my 1st instinct is yes but after some more thoughts i think the shape is actually quite different, especially if u like the sagging speedy look. personally since i don't own many LVs i probably will only get one of the 2 bags and than get another bag from a different line.