Are these bags too much alike????

  1. This summer I got my first louis vuitton bag. Now I think I am ready for another one.I curently own the Batignolles Horizontal ....I want the Lockit Horizontal. Are they tooo much like? Should I just get a damier bag? :drool: :love: COMMENTS??
  2. They do have a similar shapes, but do have their differences. The Lockit Horizontal is bigger and has a zipper closure.

    The Batignolles Horizontal is a bit smaller, and has only a snap hook closure.

    I think you should get the Lockit Horizontal! I don't see a problem with owning two similar bags.
  3. I say go for it. If you love it that is all that matters.
  4. I say get something damier!!!! Variety is always good!
  5. What about the Lock it in epi or suhali?
  6. I would go for a Damier bag!
  7. Get what you truly want and think you would use the most! If you REALLY want the LH -- get it and then get a Damier bag later.
  8. I LOVE my damier speedy, you can't go wrong with the understated elegance of Damier!
  9. damier
  10. love the lockit h! get it!
  11. imo, the bh is more casual than the lockit- so go for it! they are both really lovely!
  12. Go for something damier!!
  13. I love that bag! Definitely go for it!
  14. I would get something in Damier first.
  15. get a damier~
    add some variety to your collection :smile: