Are these bags really PU lined?

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    I have been looking and loving so many bags on, but was shocked and sad to see the description on some bags are PU lined. Anyone knows more about this? Have Mulberry ever done this before?
  2. Wow, I didn't notice it actually. I think I saw it but didn't think much about it. I don't dwell in Mulberry long enough to check for the older pieces
    I guess they did it for lessening the production cost and for design as well. I have 2 pieces and both are PU lined after some checking, one is a hat box look alike bag one is the mini Lynton bucket. If both lined by leather/suede it will not fit their intended design (mini Lynton) or it will be hella pricey (the hat box look alike pouch).

    It does make me think about future purchases... although most of their other bags are suede lined
  3. Thanks for your reply! Your bags sounds lovely! I think Lynton bag was the other one that I was looking at, it’s beautiful! I do believe they stand by their product if problems occur later, it would be interesting to see how they would restore the lining. What you said is true on cost, though it just saddens to think Mulberry is going this route. For one, I would never even thought of walking into a Mulberry store and asking the sales associate if the bag was made entirely of leather, thinking it might be laughable, as “Yes we are Mulberry”. Walking into a ‘premier’ designer store gives the expectation of a premier product, not imitation, be it leather or anything. Suede, canvas is amazing, but imitation leather in a leather goods store, not so much!

    However I do appreciate that they described this on the website, but I am wondering how many customers that walk into a store are made aware of this. Especially those who purchase and only will know truth maybe ten years down the road. Having bought PU, had PU lined shoes disintegrate when I was wearing them, and bag handles disintegrate while I was holding them only after several years, I decided to stay away and only do leather. This was way back in student days when I would save up to buy a Nine West bag! LOL! And thought “never again” and turned towards Tula, Radley and the far from reach Mulberry and other leather brands. After all those years, only to be excited to see description ‘Made in the UK’ (for this particular design) and heartbroken to see ‘PU lined’ right on top of it!

    I am soo sorry for the rant! Hope I don’t offend anyone, just typing my mind half asleep. :flowers:
  4. Rant away it's sad how far this brand has.fallen
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  5. I have never noticed bags being lined in PU before, so maybe there are only a few styles. After seeing this I went to check the small darley, and it is nappa lined, just for reference.