Are these bags fake?

  1. There's this girl at work and she acts like such a spoiled brat but I swear she's carrying fake Chanel bags! She has 2: one of them is black that has feet (4) that look like a surgical steel color and the bag has the interlocking CC embroidered on it. The bag's pocket has a RED lining and I think the leather looks a bit off. It doesn't look that supple and crinkles in a strange way. Other bag is medium pink with the CC's on the side corner, also has feet and has the knotted handles. I really didn't think that any of these Chanel bags had feet. Is this true? I just find it funny because she goes around talking about how much money her family has and about her bags, but there is definitely something off! Let me know if you think these bags are real or fake. Thanks!!
  2. i can't see anything..sorry
  3. Yeah, can't see anything! =(
  4. hahaha. that's so funny. one of my housemate's friends is like that too. she tell people how much money her family has and all she carries are chanel knockoffs. they can't tell and they are always oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over her bags when they are such obvious fakes!

    i'm nice so i don't call her on it. but what nerve! just because other people don't have enough money/experience to tell the real thing from your fake, you don't lie to them in order to make yourself feel better!

    ok. sorry for the rant.
  5. cant see the pics
  6. Can't see the pics. Some people should realize that life, and what you make of yourself, is more important than a handbag. (Or car, house, whatever it is that makes you feel "important")
  7. oh boy. people like that are not high up on my list. Sorry you have to listen to that at your workplace.
  8. I think she's explaining them, not posting photos.

  9. Yes, some Chanel handbags do have metal feet.

    It's difficult to tell from your description - but it sounds like you are describing Cambon bags.
  10. Yes, I was just describing them. I dont know much about Chanel bags. Both of the ones I was describing have feet. The one in black is the more classic CC logo in the center of the bag. The pink one has the CC logo on the corner and is more trendy looking. They both had feet. The thing that made me think it was fake was the red lining in the black one as well as the sheen on the bag. Have you ever heard of a black bag having a red lining in the pocket? Maybe they are real...but it would certainly be satisfying if they were fake considering her annoying rants!