Are these bags at the outlets yet?

  1. Have anyone of you seen this two bags at the outlets yet? If so, which outlets? Have been obsessing over them, and not sure if I want to try eBay yet!
    10339_BKHEB-1_d2.jpg 10335_BKHEB-1_d2.jpg
  2. I have seen the leather versions - but I'm sure most of them get there as returns since the boutique is still selling them. Get your name on a list at the outlet and they will hold one for you when it comes in.

    So long as there isn't anything wrong with it - the shoulder bag will be a little less than $100 off.
  3. I've only seen the Suede version of these bags at the Outlets.
  4. Hi. I am not sure about THOSE exact bags being at the outets, but Deweydrop and I have both purchased the Legacy black/khaki/ebony bags (me: shoulder zip; her: shoulder flap?) from eBay for around $130-$160!!!! Over half-off the regular price. So.....I say try eBay!
  5. i saw deweydrop's post! wow. i tried ebay but there's no shoulder flap, only the shoulder bags right now. but i think i will keep an eye out on ebay! thank you!
  6. I found the legacy shoulder flap (the one with the two front pockets) at my outlet RANDOMLY back in late january/early february.

    I think they are hit or miss...

    (ETA - and yep, got my signature flap for $135 total off ebay! still doing a happy dance...)
  7. omg - i'm an idiot...i'm sorry...I mean to say I found the LEGACY SHOULDER BAG in khaki/ebony at my outlet. Got it for like $271 (this had to be in early my birthday was the end of january and my parents gave me a coach gift card...)
  8. I saw a black sig legacy shoulder flap at my outlet months ago. Still kicking myself over that one. Like it was said it's a return or a transfer. I'm watching ebay now! hehehe
  9. thanks everyone! i will continue to stalk ebay (:
  10. they're hit or miss, like one may pop up at one outlet every now and then, no one got a big shipment
  11. I found my black signature Legacy Shoulder bag at the out just by chance when I stopped in a few weeks ago for $271. It's luck of the draw I think!
  12. I went to that feel good place today and didn't see them.