Are these antique earings Tiffany?

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  1. Hi Folks,

    These were my grandmothers and I was told they may be Tiffany.
    Can anyone tell me more.
    Appreciate any and all help.
    Thank you in advance.

    [​IMG]Sorry could not get the images to upload. please click links to image shack.

    Imageshack - img2844a.jpg

    Imageshack - img2844a.jpg

    Thanks again!! :biggrin:
  2. wow they're very pretty, it should have an tiffany stamp somewhere..
  3. Thank you for your reply

    I cannot seem to find any markings except 14k is there somewhere
    where there might be a small marking and what would I be looking
    Thanks again;)
  4. If you bring it into Tiffany they should be able to authenticate them for you. Usually Tiffany products will have a TCO hallmark on them. If someone in customer service can't authenticate them for you then you will have to leave the earrings with them and there will be a charge for the time it takes to do the research.
  5. These are a fairly typical retro (1940s) style, so not yet antique, and the bow style was produced in relative abundance. I agree that if they were Tiffany, they would have additional marks. I would guess they are American made, as European gold tended to be higher karat. Good luck with your research!