are these 2 too a like?

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  1. one looks gucci one looks BV
  2. Well if you're talking about color and general shape, I would lean towards yes, they're too much alike. I love them both but if you're wondering b/c you only want one, then I would advise to pick b/c they seem to be in the same size family as well as coloring.
  3. i'd go with a different color in one if you're going to get both, since they're both appoximately similar sizes and shapes. if you got both on the same color, you probably wouldn't get much use out of either since they'd be competing for the same outfits (if ya get what i mean).
  4. Yes, I'd consider them the 'same'. If I had to pick one, I'd go with BV. If you have one already, like amanda said, pick one in a diff color.
  5. well i own the BV and the just bought the gucci in ivory

    i'm just having second thoughts on the gucci, all my bags are brown and black thats why i decided on the ivory gucci i just dont know if its a good color to have. I know it'll be harder to take care of but i'm not worried about that since i have soo many dark colored bags for the fall/winter anyways.
  6. i love the horsebit hobo in ivory, it's one of my fave bags out there. because it's ivory, it can go summer or winter, so i definately think it's a good one to have.
  7. how long have you had it for amanda? does it age well?? is it easy to clean? and do you have it in the large or medium size? thanks
  8. They are the same style sort of :biggrin:
  9. Yes, they are far too much alike and you need to sell me the BV in order to make room for the Gucci.:lol:
  10. Yes. Too alike!
  11. They are both beautiful bags! If you get a lot of use out of the hobo style then I'd say keep them both! If you do decide to get rid of one I'd let the Gucci go but not because of the color. I have a BV ball bag and I just think it's fabulous!!!
  12. thanks ladies for your quick responds do you think i should return the ivory gucci and get something else then? theres no way i would sell my BV now i love it. and the ucci is double the size of my BV by the way i bought the large size.
  13. I just ADORE the gucci!! The color, the size...GORGEOUS!
  14. Alike for me.