are these 2 stams same kind of leather?matte or patent

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. the first one is the calfskin from either resort 2006 or spring 06 and the elise (not a stam) on the far right is patent goatskin :flower:

    ooops! just saw the lil pic. i think that is calfskin too...where'd you get the pic from? that should help :smile:
  3. there isn't a patent stam... only a patent bowler and elise (which is pictured on the far right above).
  4. Archipelago's Elise is patent leather, her Stam is not.
    In Spring 2006, Stams were made in patent/goat leather for Blush, Chalk, and Cola.
  5. I believe her Stam is from Spring 2006.
    I noticed some differences in Fall 2006 Stams -- the 1st batch had some sheen to them, the 2nd batch was more matte.
  6. i found it from Net-A-Porter,i am ordering it exciting !!!!:yahoo:

    so the stam in the lower pic will be photoed as the same as the upper one??
  7. Actually, there were patent stams -- chalk, blush, and cola. I believe those were Resort '06, but I could be wrong.
  8. Remember to use the promotion code for free shipping. =)
    If you are in the US, you can order Black Stam from as well (there's a monthly promotion code for 10% off).

  9. i am in uk,how can i get the pormotion code?pls help!!
  10. Enter promotion code freeship1, it's valid until 10/18/06. =)

    The same colored Stam varies from one delivery to another. Certain black Stams have some sheen to them, others are totally matte; I prefer the shinier version. I also noticed differences in Cashew as well (some are darker than others).
  11. which stam do you think that is patent?the upper one or the lower one??
  12. ^ Both of the black Stams you posted are not patent, only Elise (the bag with the pocket in the front) is. There were 3 colors for Patent Stams in Spring 2006: Chalk (white), Blush (neutral pink), and Cola (dark chocolate).
  13. if the stam i am ordering looks like the first pic,i will be quite happy with it.
    i am worrying if it is darker than i thought...
  14. oops, i mean "no black patent stam". :shame:
  15. I think the one you ordered will be the matte version, not shiny as the first photo. Still very pretty! If you didn't use the code, call NAP and ask if they can apply it.