Are these '07 LV wedges out yet?

  1. I heard that these Louis Vuitton wedges (photos below) won't be released to stores until March, is this true?
    Any info greatly appreciated :smile:

    00190m.jpg 00280m.jpg 00100m.jpg
  2. I haven't seen them yet, maybe they'll be out by mid-Feb or March?
  3. i haven't seen them either...but they sure are cute!
  4. Yes I LOVE them.. they shall be mine

  5. Oh there's that "tribute bag"! It looks crazy. Are those the shoes in the new Bazaar?
  6. No, they are not out yet. I am on the wait list for them.
  7. Ha ha - When I looked at your title I thought you meant are they 'out' of style. I was like - WOW - you are fashion forward - they're not even in stores yet! :funny:
  8. I was going to say...I thought I remember seeing that you had waitlisted for them. You are one HOT mama with exceptional taste! :graucho:
  9. can't wait to see them on those of you getting them :smile:
  10. Crystal - did you get the gold or the champagne color wedge?
    I haven't decided on which color.