are there two sizes of the timeless clutch?

  1. i'm looking at them on eBay, and some of them say 11.5" in length, while others say 7.5"...i'm very confused. can someone pls confirm the length (left to right) of their caviar timeless clutch? and someone please clarify if there're indeed two sizes of the clutch. thanks so much.
  2. Good question! Bumping it up! ;)
  3. I think just one size...
  4. I just asked theis question at Chanel Boston and the SA said it only come in one size for THAT store. She couldnt guarantee if it comes in other sizes. (I know she sounds stupid--looking for other SA)
  5. I just measured mine and at the bottom from left to right is 11 inches. If they are measuring from the top is about 7.5 inches. As far as I know, there is only one size for the timeless clutch.
  6. I've only seen one size IRL.