Are there TWO MC koala wallets?!?!?

  1. I found this on LV's official site (France) and was wondering about the 2 wallets because the one that you see playing by the flash and the one that you can click on for the color selections differ by a strip of vachetta band running horizontally across the wallet. So I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this....?.... LV.monogrammulticolore.koala.jpg
  2. Hmmm...I don't know! I've never seen the one with the strip of vachetta before. Perhaps it is a new version??
  3. Interesting! I've never seen one with the strip.
  4. I've never seen the one with the strip either.. interesting.
  5. I have the one on the right, never seen the other one before....
  6. The one with the extra Vachetta was like a pre production? I cant think of the word! haha They never made those. LV put those pics out like they did with the MC Pochettes and the bows to throw off fakers. They put the Koala with the Vachetta in one of their mailers, but in the newest it didnt have the Vachetta.
  7. Thanks Reynaldoc! But iono...I like the one with the vanchetta band to
  8. The one with vachetta is nicer but it won't be as nice after it get patina or dirty.