Are there Toki Super-Fakes?

  1. I know that for Louis Vuitton, there are super-fakes... one's that LV SA's can't even tell are fake... until someone brings it in for a repair and something usually gives it away. I can see that... for the price-point and the world-wide appeal of LV, there's a lot of money to be made from taking the time and effort of doing super-fakes of LV.

    But has anyone ever heard of Tokidoki super-fakes. All the one's I've seen on eBay have been obvious. There's the bad fakes in bags that were never made, FlowerSpring in the print, fake qees. For the most part, anyone that has Toki's can tell the difference. So for the most part, I've been pretty comfortable buying on eBay (well, I've only bought from 2 very reputable sellers so far). But I'm starting to get more comfortable that I can definitely tell the difference and might take a chance with another seller. But I'm a little bit leary about the possibility of super-fakes.

    Has anyone ever heard of/seen Toki super-fakes?
  2. I haven't. I don't know if it would be worth the money or time to make a tokidoki super fake since the most expensive bag is only $210

    I think the biggest worry would be having the item be "not as described" i.e...having a missing part or stains, rips, or holes.
  3. The only fakes I've seen were bags not made in tokidoki styles... for example i saw a girl carrying a tote bag in OP, and i had to go to LeSportsac to make sure they didn't make a style like that!
  4. i kinda agree with tokidokigirl. LV super fakes would be more profitable bc the auth are soooo expensive. it prolly wouldn't be worth it to spend so much time and money on bags that aren't as expensive. i haven't seen any yet, but i could be wrong!
  5. i am very concerned about super-fakes, although i haven't heard of them being produced in tokidoki yet. all the fakes seem to be really really obvious.
  6. so far i havent seen any superfakes yet. And yeah, I dont think its profitable to produce superfakes tokidokis...but we never know whether there will be any in the future...
  7. I've seen ONE fake on eBay that was toooo realistic. Colored zipper and everything, except it said like, "Prosport" or something. But this was a while back, haven't seen anything like it since.
  8. I'd say no... because it says Flowerspring and where the qee is pictured clearly you can tell that's a fake too. So those are dead give-aways setting it apart as a fake.
  9. true, true. the shapes look right, but the flowerspring & qee are two major things to look for.. the "flowerspring" stuff is harder to find on their fake tan playground bags, but the colors look a bit off.
  10. The scary (to me) ones are the bags that actually use "tokidoki for leSportSac" fabric. I've come close to be being fooled by a few.
  11. there are some *good* fakes out there, but there aren't any super-fakes from what i've seen. while most of the fakes you see on ebay are made-up styles or the occasional made-up print (see the latest entry in lambfashionista's tokidoki blog, the bag on top is a made up print) there are a few every once in a while that are the right style (ie that gioco above) and you have to really study the details to see that it's a fake. i just saw a foresta bambino recently that had all the right stuff from what i could tell, but something was just *off*. once i studied it more i realized that the colors of the print were WAY off and the lesportsac ribbon just wasn't right. this fake probably fooled someone.