Are there such thing as a FAKE TUMI?

  1. I've been looking on eBay for TUMI travel bag as ther eare no TUMI in Adelaide, Australia. How do you spot a FAKE TUMI?
  2. Not sure about Tumi specifically, but nowadays there's fake there not a legit online retailer that sells/ships internationally?
  3. Don't know... I am checking now. Thanks.
  4. Try calling Sydney and see if they'll send it over!
  5. I don't know about that particular style, but fake TUMIs are available in New York City. Two years ago I bought a messenger bag, only to find out that a co-worked had a very similar fake TUMI that he had bought on the street.
  6. Thats crazy! Fake Tumi's! What has the world come to?
  7. i have yet to see a fake tumi on the corners..being sold. i live in houston
  8. That is so sad. The reason I buy Tumi isn't for prestige, it's because of the quality - they last for 10+ years and they stand behind the quality of their products. All the details of the pieces are well designed and if you travel even a fair amount, the extra thoughtful details make a big difference. A fake sold on the street - I doubt that has the same attention to detail. That's just stupid. Tumi has an outlet and they have sales. I don't understand people who would buy fake luggage.
  9. Guys, this just happened to me.
    I bought a brand new Tumi alpha satchel off eBay the other week and just opened the box. At first glance everything looks great and there's even a seemingly authentic Tumi price tag on it.

    However as soon as I started unpacking it, it started breaking on me! In my experience, Tumi does not break. The luggage tag broke off and some button in the inside lining was already broken.

    I've called Tumi customer services but they were closed. Also just called my local store and arranged to meet the sales manager to have the bag checked tomorrow morning. Also contacted the eBay seller with my findings and telling him I will take actions as soon as the bag is authenticated.

    I can't believe these bastards counterfeit TUMI. It just beats me.

    (BTW, I paid $199 for a bag normally selling for $299)
  10. I wouldn't doubt it...I once unknowingly bought a fake piece of Kipling luggage. Kipling! Which is that expensive to start out with...

  11. Wow, keep us updated on that! I was bidding on some Tumi items on eBay too. Now I'm thinking I'll just stick to the stores, even though Tumi here only goes on sale on Boxing Day.
  12. UPDATE:
    Turns out the bag is authentic. I have had Tumi verify the bag tracer ID and everything comes back correctly. The conclusion then, is that Tumi quality is really no quality and that I am going back to Samsonite Black Label now.

    Pictures shows various pieces that fell off during unpacking the bag:


  13. PS. I just had some items from Samsonite Black Label delivered and the difference in quality between Tumi and Samsonite is astounding. I will never again buy Tumi and I will never recommend them to anyone. Samsonite FTW!
  14. Yes, I've seen them before. They make fake samsonites too, so watch out!
  15. I would never buy Tumi again.

    Our suitor is less than five years old & has failed in several location despite light usage.

    I could send it in for repair, but what a hassle.