Are there still Legacy fans out there?

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  1. 2012 Legacy line was what got me into Coach. Really looking the colors and styles. After the line was discontinued I found a bag I liked here and there, but there are only few.
    I just still keep lgoing back and looking over the Legacy bags, there were so many I wanted. Recently couple of must haves arrived into my collection.

    Cement Candace-love love love Candace, always wanted Cement ine, it is so elegant, My third Candace, besides marine and sand zebra.

    Mint Courtenay- this was sold out bag, love how comfy she is to carry and feel that Courtenay style did not get the fame it deserved in my opinion. Mint is great understated color, my second Courtenay, she is very happy to join her robin sister.

    Emerald duffle- fantastic color. Duffle was not my top fave, mostly got it because of the color.

    Sand perforated Romy- this is my first time trying Romy, so far she looks too small to carry to work but will be happy to use her on the weekends. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462266003.454171.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462266031.043256.jpg
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    Oh I still love my Legacy! I have a Fuchsia Molly and a Black Duffle. The duffle is used more than any other handbag I have - and it barely shows wear!

    Oh, the mint Courtenay. I am always eyeballing that one when it pops up on eBay. I had a mint Duffle long ago but sold it. I recently bought a KS bag in a similar color to fill the color void.

    Thanks for sharing! I miss Legacy, Madison and Borough.
  3. I fell for Legacy too late.

    When the 2012 line was in stores, I was just getting started on collecting Coach, and I didn't realize just how wonderful the bags were. They seemed so plain. Now, I covet the bags for their soft, smooth ( in most cases ) leather, vibrant colors, and their understated style.

    I've added a few pieces over the years, and have a nice little collection going. I wouldn't mind finding a few more.
    Now I want to get all my girls together for a family photo!!
  4. 110% love Legacy! The carnelian, emerald, sunflower, black cherry, ultra violet!!! I have them, still carry them, and want more!
  5. I've been using my Patricia for a little over a week now. It was the Legacy line that actually brought me back to Coach- the red/blue/camel large colorblock duffle.
  6. I love legacy! I currently have a UV candace, tourmaline duffle, periwinkle courtenay, and fuchsia planner.
  7. +1 -- The Legacy line is what got me interested in Coach again. I was late to the Legacy party but still managed to buy quite a few. I was a woman on a (Legacy) mission back in the day. My favorite is the duffle. I just love love love all the colors. I would love it if they bring back the legacy colors in some of the current styles.
  8. You are so lucky to have a periwinkle Courtenay (that was before I joined FOS :sad: ).
  9. I was late to the Legacy line as well and have tried to pick up some on ebay. I agree that it would be wonderful if the 1941 line included the colors and the brass hardware. Then again, I'd buy too many bags!!:biggrin:
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    I am still biting my elbows for not buying every single bag I loved from legacy line. I was late too, just began to collect bags and was not aware that times can play such a game with bags industry. I wish I would buy at least three duffles and a rory satchel( was rory a legacy line?) Finally October last year, I got lucky and bought the legacy zip for the fantastic price too, looooove it...... I should buy at least three of them... Slow thinking me.... Sigh!
    There were times when opening fos was sooo dangerous! :broom:

  11. Yes, Rory was from Legacy! I always liked the Rory but I don't carry enough to fill it, I have a Molly which is like a small E/W version :smile:
  12. Oh yea! Remember Molly! So charming! I gotta search ebay now!
  13. :smile: Gosh darn it! Now I feel the need to do the same. Who started this thread anyway? Just kidding!
  14. Ladies, lucky owners of legacy bags, please post pictures! Mama is in a such deep nostalgia... :crybaby:
  15. Maybe we should wear our favorite legacy bag this Friday and have a "Legacy Friday" (similar to Duffle Friday).