Are there still issues w/ the Damier Speedy bleeding??

  1. I really want this still happening on the damier speedies?? TIA
  2. I bought mine a week ago and it bled on my white suede coach wristlet--very very light pink. I called the boutique and they told me to bring it in but I've been too busy. By the way, I have a Damier 25 Made in France. I an dying to go to the Boutique this weekend to pick me something in the new red vernis so I'll let you know what they say.
  3. i just bought mine a few days ago (damier 30, MIF) and i rubbed it really hard with a white towel and there was no bleeding. there was pink, but you have to really scrutinize and hold it up to the light to even notice it. i think the bleeding thing is pretty much hit or miss, from what i gather from what others have said.

    oh and mine was made in november of 2006, if that helps.
  4. that SUCKS! and it is reason enough for me not to buy one. i don't want to knowingly risk any of my other pieces.
  5. Well, I am using the pink bleeding on my coach wristlet to justify buying something in the new red vernis because any color transfer shouldn't be too noticeable. LOL!!!!!!
  6. i just got a damier speedy 30 for christmas and i rubbed it with a white towel and there was a faint shade of pink but nothing major, and there has been no color transfers on any of my stuff, mine was made in september 2006
  7. i first blotted a white towel and nothing came off. i rubbed it really hard and there was definitely noticeble pink. i didn't like that but figured the chances of my items being rubbed that hard in the bag is slim. i used it like i would normally and didn't notice any colors in any of my items in the bag.
  8. I also just got a Damier Alma for Christmas and have not used it yet, I just rubbed a white towel on it and it did turn pink. Mine was made in the USA August 2006...will there be no color transfers in my stuff ? maybe I should get an Epi Alma instead ?