Are there still Black Small Multipockets w/ Silver out there??

  1. Any left in stores?? If you have seen one let me know!
  2. I saw one a few weeks ago at Neiman Marcus in Tyson's Galleria, VA. I don't know if it is still there, but it's definitely worth a try since it was there for a while. Their number is 703.761.1600.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I will give them a try!
  4. OMG I'm having a flashback!!! I remember when I was searching for this bag last year...I found mine at a NM in TX...I bought it over the phone!!!...and I still use that SA...!!! pm me if you want the info..I don't have it here..I keep her # at work!! Good luck in your search!!
  5. I remember seeing on at neiman's sf a couple weeks ago, i think they also had a blake too!
  6. I was at my local Neiman's last night (Tyson's Galleria in VA) and they DO have the small multipocket with the silver hardware!

    If you are still looking for it, call 703.761.1600.

    Also, they had a Venetia with silver hardware as well.

    Good luck!