Are there really Gustto fakes out already?

  1. Okay, so I was in my local Nordstrom's today, and they had some GORGEOUS Gusttos Setelas. So I decided it was time to check out eBay.

    Anyway, I came across this dark wine color....but what is this little patch on the back of the bag? I *think* it says Gustto, but I can't really see.


    It isn't on the back of this one?

    I know the second one is larger, but is that patch supposed to be on the mediums? Anyone have one and can tell me? Thanks!
  2. Yes, there are Fake Gusttos. There was a whole load on eBay awhile back for 24.99.
    Right now I see some Laundry/Gusttos which aren't Gusttos at all but awhile back they had bags that looked like the Setelas.
  3. Yes, there are fake Gusttos. There's a site I stumbled on called Purse Boutique. They have "Baca's" AND "Giant Hardware Balenciaga's" for only $250. :throwup:
  4. I guess buying a Gustto on eBay is no longer an option anymore - no wonder the deals are getting sweeter and sweeter... :sad:

    (mind you - I don't want to pay full price for Gustto so which is why I am scouring over ebay - yes I am a cheapo...:p )
  5. You CAN buy a Gustto on ebay, just be sure you get one from an trusted seller. I bought mine from Vipfashions. If she doesn't show listed the bag you want, message her, she may have it anyway.
  6. Yup, I agree with Ten, I'm a cheapo, and I like to find things on Ebay. Love the Setelas, and love the large size, just want to make sure I'm getting an authentic one.
  7. Please consider LNinos for your Ebay Gusttos. That's where I got my Baca and where I'll get my next Gustto. Yes, there are fakes, but more importantly there are real ones for much money off the retail.