Are there real LVs on ioffer, or just fakes?

  1. I was messing around on ioffer after that link to a fake bag was posted down below.
    I did some sleuthing and I found an eBay LV seller on there buying a fake LV item. Ack!
    Are there real LV bags on there too, or is it known as a site for fakes?
  2. ^That's kinda scary.

    Unfortunately, I haven't heard of any authentic deals on iOffer, yet.
  3. I don't think we could say 100% of items offered there are counterfeits, but it's close!

  4. I think they're all'd be like finding a needle in a haystack to get an auth LV on iOffer!
  5. Totally fake. Why would anyone list their bag with iOffer when they could just go to eBay which has a whole lot more buyer and seller protection features? iOffer won't do **** to protect their buyers, obviously, as all of their listings are for horrible fakes. That would be like trying to sell a brand new ferrari at tim tom's used car lot down the street.
  6. :roflmfao: ferrari at tim tom's car lot! Ha!
  7. I would never buy from there...
  8. Haha, tim tom was just the first random thing I could come up with. It would be funny if there was such a place in real life.
  9. By Ferrari.. you must mean the 81 Monte Carlo with a Ferrari decal ! :graucho:
  10. I wouldn't touch that site with a 10-foot pole!:shocked:
  11. I think that place is scary, almost blatant. Ebay's methods may be limited, but at least there's some chance that the money comes back or that the item's authentic.
  12. It does suck for uneducated buyers though, because i'm sure there first instinct is to type the bag they're looking for into the Google search engine. And when you do THAT like 50 ioffer ads come up right away. They think they're getting a good deal...
  13. Lots of people sell good stuff on iOffer, but I have never seen an authentic high end bag listed. I would never buy a bag on iOffer.
  14. ^^^ same here!
  15. Since I am new to LV. I was reading about all the fakes on this forum so, I went to ioffer to see all the fake boxes, bags, cards etc........I have been looking for several years, I just bought my first LV from Saks. I never knew people went to so much trouble to sell fakes. I knew they made fake bags but fake everything else???? I found this listing I thought it was too ridiculous. She tells you to sell it as authentic.