Are there price differences from different countries?

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  1. I recently brought a friend a Prada Peony pink multi color wallet from Harrods for $510nzd after conversion rates. Back here in NZ dfs galleria, the peony pink hasn't arrive but the red has and is priced at $850nzd. I asked if the pink be the same price and was told that when the pink arrive, it will be the same at $850.

    That's $340 difference which is quite a bit. I want another Chanel Bag or Dior, are the prices much cheaper over in UK/EU? Only brought Chanel from Australia.
  2. I think there is a difference. I'm in Canada and our LV is cheaper than in the US, even when the value of the money is the same (example Speedy was $700 here and $750 in the US, when the value of the dollar was 1.00:1.00). The SA told me that our prices are tied to the Euro rather than the US dollar. And of course the tax rates vary as well. If you travel it 's definitely worth exploring the total cost (keeping in mind taxes and duty) when deciding where to buy higher cost items.
  3. yes they are defiantly different in different countries. eg I purchased a mbmj bag which costs 400$ for 520$ somewhere in Asia. and it was their official boutique,so as you see the price is quite a bit different. i asked the retailer about the price difference and he told me, it's a cause of different countries and different tax rules. apparently the further u get from the original seller, the more the item will cost.