Are there plans to offer the Neverfull in Damier Graphite in the future?

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  1. Does anyone know or have inside info as to whether the Neverfull may be offered in Damier Graphite in the future? Black and grey are so much more my speed than brown! :wondering
  2. I'm not sure I haven't heard but It would definitely be my first NF !!
  3. Mine too!
  4. So far, no.
    Louis Vuitton restricts the use of DG canvas to the men collection.
  5. No
  6. Don't think so...but there have been similar the cabas voyage in Damier Cobalt. They may come out with a man's tote in the future...but I doubt it will be too similar to a neverfull. I think the cabas voyage looks more structured and nicer than a neverfull too. Would love one in graphite.

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  7. I wish. Until the powers that be decide men need a
  8. This bag is unfortunately not for the European or American stores!
  9. that bag is lush. :smile:

  10. Hmmm. I think they should offer that in the women's line. It's a great pattern. I love black and gray.
  11. I would so buy one! That and the damier cobalt!
  12. Well... For anyone who is curious, I made one in Photoshop :smile:

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  13. Love it!
  14. I don't think their is no plans for DG for women.
  15. I'd buy this it's awesome :smile: