Are there people who just can't wear scarves...need your help!

  1. I am browsing through many of the scarf pictures & would love to purchase an Hermes scarf for myself; however, I am plus-sized and cannot wear anything around my neck. I did a board search, so if a similar question has already been posted, please forgive me. Anyway, I pretty much have no neck & wear v necks & such to try to elongate my neck. I am 5'0" and around a size 16US...even though I'm short I have broad shoulders. Would there be one way to wear a scarf that would actually be flattering? I tend to dress rather plainly & think a scarf would be the perfect accessory! Please help if you can!

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    If this helps, here's a pic of me trying out a LV epi alma...
  3. hmm..what about tie the scarf very plain..lower at your neck. prob even a bit lower than where our vneck is? :smile:
    i am thinking the 70x70 scarf may be good? so it's not too much fabric gathered around? what do you think?
    (just my 2 cents. need to ask the real scarf experts here) :biggrin:
  4. I'm thinking a 70x70 with a scarf ring. No knot at all. It is important to have the store show you (or check a thread) on how to put the scarf through the ring correctly.
  5. I know exactly what you mean!!! I am also a size 16 but I have found that the plisses look great- they are much less bulky around the neck. In fact, I almost only wear plisses now. I also wear my twillies as headbands.
  6. I have a short neck too which a former friend was happy to point out to me. Biatch. :push:

    Anyway, what you have to do is never wear the scarf too tightly around your neck. The V-sweater in your pic is perfect for a scarf. Tie the scarf loosely so that it follows the V-shape of your sweater. Voila. Your neck is still elogated that way and you are still wearing the scarf that you want. The regular 90cm (35in) scarves are best for this. I dont recommend a 70cm scarf for your needs. . . unless you want to wear it on your hair or something
  7. Oh, I also recommend a plisse. You can wear it long, sort of like a necklace.
    Where is abbyroad, I think she has a picture somewhere of her wearing hers like that. Kate Hudson also wears hers like that as well.:tup:
  8. i agree with seton. get a scarf ring and then wear it the long way around your neck so it's sort of open and you show more skin like a vneck. here's a bad pic of me as an example (and at the time of the pic i was about a 12)
  9. eek sorry. don't know why it's sideways....
  10. you can also wear a jacket/ blazer and drap the scarf around the neck and down the sides which i've seen a lot of SAs do and it looks fabulous!
  11. There are lots of ways to tie a scarf that would look great on you. I think if you follow the line of your V-necks and tie them or put your scarf ring further down, they would look very attractive and most flattering. The 90cm scarves would lend themselves very nicely to this style I think as there is plenty of length to tie or knot lower down your chest so that you still get that lenthening effect. The SAs in the store will show you a few ways to wear them. For the 90 cm scarf, most styles start off with folding the scarf in on itself along the diagonal to quite narrow and then placing over your shoulders. The simplest knot then, would be a half-knot but a tip I learned fairly recently from my SA was to feed the knot back towards you and not from the back out to the front (if you tie a half-knot, you'll see what I mean, there are 2 ways it can go) Taking it back rather than forward ensures a flatter, neater finish. You might feel more secure with a scarf ring though. Take your time choosing a scarf and try on many - the right one for you will reveal itself. I've found I'm happiest in very simple patterns and dull colours. best of luck and have fun and please post modelling pics.
  12. I wear my 90x90 twills like that :tup:

  13. ooh that looks awesome loony! how'd you do that?
  14. Thanks! It's quite an easy one, you just need to fold it the usual way into a strip, twist it like a rope and then tie at the back. Just don't twist too tightly or it'll twist around itself.
  15. i'm going to try that! lovely! you have awesome style!