Are there outlets in San Francisco?

  1. Does anyone know if San Fran has outlets?
  2. the only ones i can think of is vacaville to the north and gilroy to the south.
  3. Are those far outside the city?
  4. You can go to Vacaville or Petaluma. When I went there on vacation I was able to drive to both of them in the same day. I was very easy to do and also a beautiful drive.
  5. There is also one in napa on the main highway towards wine country. Could make a day out of wine tasting and shopping:tup:
  6. Thanks guys.

    disney16, if there is any other info about vacationing in San Fran you are able to share with me, I'd very much appreciate it. Such as things to do, hotels to stay at, etc. If so, please PM me. Thank you.