Are there other males in here besides me?

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  1. I find it "gay" or not manly that I joined this forum, but I initially joined it to help find a bag for my gf. Since she's not all that technologically advanced/computer literate..I decided to help her out.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hello to the forum.
  2. ..what do you mean by "gay" ?
  3. :lol: Well theres Vlad :biggrin: Hes really cool, and one of the powers that be.

    I don't think you should consider it gay or anything, I know a lot of straight males that know their bags. Its rather sexy :love:
  4. Thanks for joining. Hope so far you are enjoying the forum. I don't think it is gay! As for your question, yup, there's one more guy;his name is Vlad. He is pretty cool, and nice. He and Megs, are the ones in charge! If you or your girlfriend need any help, just ask, and we will answer
  5. Look in the Handbag/purse section..I need help on a couple bags. Thanks for the warm fuzzy welcomes!
  6. Gay... yeah. Been confronted with this shallow stereotype before as well. But they can kiss my bottoms, I'm having a good time running this place with my girl, it's fun and if someone wants to judge my sexuality by that... so be it. I'm confident enough in my orientation, and Megs is the one to ask if in doubt. ;)
  7. LOL! Very good answer Vlad
  8. Vlad is the kind of guy that came to meet me when we were first dating in a striped shirt and plaid shorts. I nearly just rolled over and DIED!! He has come a long way, but I'm pretty sure no one would actually call him gay if you saw him ;)

    Not to mention... I don't call him that and that sure matters!! (Or is he tricking me??) :blink:
  9. Thankfully clothes don't make the man! Neither does joining purse forum!!!:biggrin:
  10. I think it is so sweet that you would join a purse forum to find a bag for your gf. I think it is a great way to get the info you need straight from some purse obssessed girls! I wish my bf would do that for me...
  11. I think you are adorable.

    Megs, when I read striped shirt with plaid shorts, I gasped ande cracked up! :lol: Too funny! Sounds like how my Husb. looked when I met him on the street. He asked me for lunch and was so funny, I overlooked the corderoy Levi's in the 90 degree weather of the summertime and he was wearing Mockisans, no socks to boot!:sick: :lol: :lol: .
  12. I like it when my guy gets into my purse obsession. He doesn't get why we'd pay that much for a purse but when I explain it's akin to his latest purchase of a Momentum turbo, he starts the "ah ha's."
  13. My boyfriend has joined in with me on "policing" fake bags. He got so used to me making comments that he now joins in.

    When we're in the mall he'll say something like "honey look, there goes another fake Louis Vuitton".

    Its the cutest thing and i love him for it. I know I'll never get a fake LV from him because he knows better.
  14. AHHH! Just kidding....of course. Well, I'm sure your husband is much more fashionable with you around.

    I have the same problem with my boyfriend, and he is extremely stubborn about his clothes. I think it has to do with the fact that he is so tall - 6'5" - and has a really hard time finding things in stores that fit. He is also a bit of a pack rat, and has all these really ratty t-shirts that I want to throw out very badly.
  15. Suli, Alot of my husbands old T-shirts seem to never make it out of the washer. Funny how they get lost.