Are there Neverfull fakes yet???

  1. My niece wants a Neverfull, either PM or MM. ( Of course, I had the MM and returned due to bleeding!!!!) She's only 16 and was looking on eBay for her.....are there fakes out there yet????
    TIA! Have a nice day!!
  2. I've seen fake Neverfulls on iOffer, so you may want to tell her to NOT buy from eBay or any place other than There are fakes of almost EVERYTHING these days.

  3. yes! i have seen one irl! at first i thought it was just a regular pm, but when i saw it irl for the first time, i realized that person had a SUPER pm.
    it was a bit smaller than a pochette. it was actually pretty wierd.
  4. I havent seen one !
    But i'm sure they are around...
    So try Elux or LV boutique cause they are the only places you can really trust.
  5. I haven't seen any yet, but I don't go looking either, as always becareful and our wonderful authentification Gurus can probably help :smile:
  6. what do you mean by bleeding???

    nope i haven't seen one, and i hope i never see one!
  7. Yes. Even I heard the manufactures always release their fake products before LV does official release :cursing: such dentelle, they even have fake ribera, BH etc before LV stores make official release.
  8. I only buy from boutiques, because I don't trust anything else.
  9. I would not buy a neverfull from eBay.
  10. Highly suspicious. I do not think the majority of people here look for "fakes" therefore you may need to search elsewhere for that answer.
  11. I am also curious what you mean by bleeding because I was planning on buying the GM as a school back today
  12. Yup, there definitely are, I'd go to the store to get one, not ebay.
  13. Fakes are all over, especially on ebay, my boyfriend got me a neverfull gm today from our local lv boutique in nyc Soho. Never trust ebay
  14. i haven't seen one in real life but even if i did i probably wont beable to tell cause the neverfull seems easy to fake IMO but speedies i can tell from a mile away
  15. What's the bleeding issue - I want to get my mom one, but I don't want her clothes ruined.