Are there more Gucci fakes....

  1. On ebay than other brands or is it just about the same?

    I am new to Gucci, so new that I do not have one :sad: , but I have started to look at them here and to read about them and I have gotten interested. I have mainly LV purses and like to look for vintage and discoutinued pieces on ebay. There are a lot of LV fakes but I seem to find many authentic and good deals.

    I started to look at Gucci on ebay and it seems to me that 9 out of 10 are fakes. :crybaby: I mean I am not sure but the prices are too good to be true. Do you think that there are more Gucci fakes on ebay than LV? :girlsigh:
  2. I don't know about the quantity but I definitely think the ratio/percentage of fake / authentic is definitely higher. It's awful. I think it's also harder to differentiate because Gucci is so inconsistent with their details..
  3. That is an excent point. I was reading about the Gucci code numbers and it seems that they varied by style or something. I have a lot to learn but it might not be an easy task. :idea:
  4. i have noticed that there are more LV fakes since they do not change styles and that the class AAA LV fakes are harder to tell than the gucci's.. This is because since gucci differs per season, counterfeiters cannot make too much of a certain style or invest too much on a current season style.. so their main bread and butter is LV and their never changing styles.

    when i went to hk last may, i saw some very very irritatingly good LV and gucci fakes... but they kept saying that their best seller is LV and that you really can't tell with their LV fakes.. they even had this trick that they light up a lighter inside a mc speedy to prove that it is treated and resistant to catching fire or something like that... go figure.. but some weird people seem to get amazed.. i found it weird.. of course these are people who do not know what wrong they are doing..

    i also have noticed that the gucci monograms in fakes can be noticed as lacking in sheen and that their are more flaws in terms of how they are sewn (ie not straight).. i am telling you, the LV fakes are really more perfectly made! and some gucci's too.. but alot of them are horrible horrible fakes!