Are there more Balenciaga or chole fans out there?

  1. I can't really decide i don't have a chole yet and if i do get one it'll probably be a paddington. I like the uniqueness of the leather on balenciaga bags but i think it looks like plastic sometimes...... whos your fav?
  2. i like them both quite a bit, they're two of my favorite designers, so it's hard to choose. depends on my mood!
  3. I have 4 balenciagas and 2 Chloes.

    For me Balenciaga is more accessible (for my wardrobe/lifestyle); however, I think that my Chloe bags are better constructed and will outlast my B-bags.

    I can not say which I like best; I tried to sell my paddy, and now I am very glad that no one bought it - I would have regretted selling it.
  4. lately, chloe. because balenciaga leather does look a little cheap/plastic-y lately.
  5. I really love my Chloes more than my Balenciagas.
  6. I like most of the styles Balenciaga has out and I also like a few of Chloe's. It depends on what type of bag you're looking for. Both are high-end bags. Balenciagas are great everyday bags with lots of fabulous colors to choose from. I'd say get a Balenciaga first. You can always get a Chloe later on. I'm not a fan of the Paddy though. I'd get a different one.
  7. I really love both of them. They are so different, it's hard to choose. I would go with Balenciaga only because it's my first true love (for a handbag)... Chloe comes up with such great bags that I like them from season to season....

    Hmm... I think I just changed my mind... Chloe as a designer as a whole....:biggrin:
  8. While I don't have one, I adore Chloe's. The leather looks so gorgeous, and I love the styles. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the balenciaga's, I feel they're more trendy. :smile: ( not that I'd turn one down, lol.)
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