Are there MC Speedys made in USA?

  1. I've been browsing eBay for a multicolore speedy and a couple of them are made in USA. I thought they were only made in France. Are there authentic ones made in USA?
  2. dont believe so, i'v only seen the Multicolor made in france.
  3. Is that seller CRAZY?!?!?!?! $100 BIN for a dustbag? :wtf:
  4. ^^^ I saw that auction too but had a funny feeling about it because the it seems the seller keeps buying and reselling white MC speedies. Take a look at her feedback. Seemed weird to me.

    Also the one she is selling she bought in December for $1300, why is she now selling it for a few hundred less? Maybe I am missing something?
  5. Interesting !!!
  6. Interesting... I didn't bother looking at her feedback since I didn't think the bag was real. The bag was just sold for $1015.00.
  7. ^^^ Yikes, I hope for their sake it's real!
  8. The Speedy 25 they sold 4 days ago is fake!!! :sweatdrop:
  9. ahhh, bait and switch...probably
  10. This is definitely bait and switch... :wtf:
  11. You pay for a Louis Vuitton made in Paris because you pay for a french "artisan" to stitch your bag. One that specializes in working w/ the leather...and that is all he does all day.

    You don't pay for a Louis Vuitton made in the USA because it would've been crafted by a minimum wage worker at Walmart or a sweat shop in Chinatown.

    Understand what I'm trying to say?